Pyroflatulence is basically the art of lighting intestinal gas, or a fart to you and me. It is a potentially hazardous trick to pull off and I would not recomend you try it. However, if you are foolish like me and insist on having a go, ensure you have some natural fabric (like cotton) between the flame and your backside. If you tried it in a polyester track-suite you will probably be shrink-wrapped. Naked pyroflatulence is not to be recommended either as without a gauze between the source of the gas and the flame, it will just keep burning… That is the end of the warning.

I was shown how to do this by a young French lad called Benoir Daburon when I was about 14. It was his way of saying goodbye to Dave and me and I can still picture the scene to this day (16 years on). It has become a favourite party trick of mine and I can tell you, the ladies love it. It is amazing how many people don’t realise that this is possible. Be warned though, if you do try this at a party and the fart fails to light, you basically stink the room out and will probably be asked to leave.