Pub Quiz Podcast

The Pub Quiz Podcast is a podcast, available on iTunes and soon other places too. The audio file has a real pub quiz packed inside it. You can play the quiz on your own or with friends, much as you would if you were actually attending the quiz itself. The only difference is that you have to pour your own beer.

24th November 2006 >>> The ninth episode of the pub quiz podcast is now up. This is another recorded at the BRB. It was recorded almost a month ago (30th October) so there may be a few Halloween references. You will need to take a peek at the picture round to finish the quiz.

1st November 2006 >>> Well, the summer is definitely over so it is back to the pub quizzes with Episode 8 of the pub quiz podcast. Don’t forget to take a look at the picture round sheet. This is the first of at least two from the BRB in Camberwell (I have the next one in the can!). I gather that it is due to close in January (on Bowies Birthday???) so we are trying to make the most of it’s limited life time.

21st July 2006 >>> The Seventh episode of the pub quiz podcast was out on iTunes for quite a while but I forgot to post it here… It’s another tough one from the Crystal Palace Tavern in East Dulwich.

27th May 2006 >>> The sixth episode of the pub quiz podcast is out and ready for your enjoyment. We are at the CPT in East Dulwich this week but the quiz itself was actually recorded last December. Alex and I are off to record some fresh quizzage for you next week so hopefully episode seven should be more current. I will try and leave less that a month-long gap between this and the next one too!

26th April 2006 >>> The fith episode of the pub quiz podcast is up and ready to download. We are back in the Crystal Palace Tavern this week so the questions are harder…

21st April 2006 >>> I have added a wiki style blog for listener feedback on the podcast. You can click on the ‘comments & feedback’ link at the top of the page to read and create comments [It is actually still there but not linked from this page anymore]. Other news, now that you crazed pub quizees are actually downloading this I thought I should get all serious and check out creative commons licences. That’s what that little CC thing is at the bottom of this page… To learn more, visit the creative commons homepage.

10th April 2006 >>> The fourth episode of the pub quiz podcast is up here and at the iTunes Music Store. We went to the BRB in Camberwell this week. There is a picture round you can download (it also shows up in the artwork browser of iTunes or iPod). It is a much easier quiz. Enjoy…

26th March 2006 >>> The third episode of the pub quiz podcast is available now for Download or via the iTunes Music Store. I need to find a more efficient way of editing these together as it is currently taking a big chunck of a weekend to do and I don’t often have thatkind of time to spare…

15th January 2006 >>> The second episode of the pub quiz podcast is available now for Download or via the iTunes Music Store.

23rd December 2005 >>> The first episode of the pub quiz podcast has just been made available… More to follow…

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